Street Team

The best word of mouth buzz we can get is from our fans! That’s why we started the Jamie McLean Band Street Team.  We LOVE it when fans tell their friends about Jamie McLean Band or blast the new album or put posters, stickers or flyers up around their town. If you love Jamie McLean Band and want to help spread the word about upcoming album releases, downloads or Jamie McLean Band concerts we would love you for it (and of course give you some stuff as thanks!).

The perks of being part of the JMB Street Team:

  • – Free music
  • – Backstage passes
  • – Soundcheck access
  • – Free concert tickets
  • – Posters
  • – Stickers
  • – First to know about anything JMB!
  • – New tour dates, merchandise, albums, downloads and everything JMB

What JMB Street Teamers do:

  • – Hang flyers in your town/school/area
  • – Hand out flyers and stickers
  • – Pump up the show on your Facebook, Twitter or Myspace pages
  • – Contact your local radio station, record store or TV station to play JMB
  • – Craziest Sticker contest

Sign up today and we will get a welcome package sent out to you filled with a letter from Jamie and the band, music, promotional material and everything you need to get started.

Thanks again to ALL of the fans for their amazing support!

Jamie, Brian and Ben

To Join The Jamie McLean Street Team, please email Jamie at JamieMcLean dot com