Review Completely!

We’re excited to announce that Patrick T. of Maine is the lucky winner of an 8Gig Video Nano IPod after sending in his review of “Completely”. See below what Patrick and a few others wrote in. Thanks to all reviews that were sent in (you’re all winners in our book). You are the reason we make the music.

“Just when youre ready to throw your radio out the window comes its savior. Completely the new album by The Jamie McLean Band makes you put the radio down and just relax. With songs like Cupid greatest thief, Checkmate and the title I am reminded of the rock I grew up on listening to Completely its full of heart great riffs and soulful vocals. Anyone who loves Tom Petty, the black crows, Dylan, just plain old rock and roll must make this one of there must haves. I thank the band for giving me hope that the whole music industry isn’t a bunch of soul sucking suits. Completely will complete any music library.”
– Patrick T from Maine

**Note that the winning review was chosen randomly. Names were (literally) placed in a hat and the winner was selected.**

“I went for a long run today and listened to COMPLETELY the entire time! It’s an album that you don’t want to put down and literally listen in entirety, from start to finish. I found myself thinking about past loves and a future one. My mind wandered, traveling through the United States – waiting in train stations, airports, bus stations – just to find whatever or whoever is going to complete me. Also, my mind wandered to knowing and finding what will make me happy in this life. I also experienced feelings of pain, sadness, and heart ache but it’s not going make you cry – instead you want to keep moving forward by finding and fighting for whatever you’re looking for! It’s passionate and deep – straight from the heart of 3 American souls! Lov’n it – make more music, please!”
– Biji

“I’ve never reviewed a record before, but it had been a while since I listened to JMB when I popped in “Completely”, and my first thought was, “Wow! I forgot they were this good!” I’ll start with “Brother”, because it starts with such a killer set of chords that I would start every set list with it if I were in the band! And the everyone’s-favorites have that title for a reason: Peace & Glory, Checkmate, Cupid–yes, yes and yes. I’m a girly-girl at heart, though, which is probably why “Natalie” is one of my secret favorites. It has such depth of feeling; it grabs me every time. I think she’s really the unsung heroine of the album. Overall, this is the CD I’m going to put in when I have people over for a barbecue, when I’m driving on a beautiful day, when I need to wake up, when I need to chill out and when it’s time to get the party started. Kudos, boys!”
– D in Brooklyn

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