4th of July, Derek Trucks and Road Rage

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

We just finished up our show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Band.  WOW!!  It was a great sold out crowd, crazy venue (more on that in a bit) and amazing vibe and music.  We tried to hit the road early since it was the start of the Fourth of July weekend but we still managed to find the holiday traffic on Cape Cod.  We also found one of the most insane truck drivers of all time.  While stuck in traffic we apparently got a little too close for this truck driver’s taste as everyone crawled along the highway  He proceeded to lay on his mega truck horn for a few minutes .  After flashing a few “pleasantries” he decided to swerve across 2 lanes of traffic and block us in as well as 2 full lanes of traffic on I-95.  This dude was insane!  He proceeds to get out of the truck and starts walking towards us as we are pinned between his truck and the median.  This fool had no shoes on but was interested in starting something.   “You wanna go?”.  Before we figure out exactly what he wanted to talk about we gunned it past him along the median and headed on to Cape Cod.  It was a close call and I’m sure we could have taken him but no need to rough up our working hands on a holiday weekend.

The Cape Cod Melody Tent is the premier venue on Cape Cod.  It holds 2500 people and is set up a bit like a circus tent with everyone underneath.  The crazy part is that the stage is circular and sits in the middle of the entire crowd.  Oh…….and did I mention that the stage rotates 360 degrees?  It is a pretty cool set up for fans to see all the nuances.  It’s also pretty crazy to be playing a set and seeing fans swerving by you.  We played the set as an acoustic trio.  Acoustic guitar, upright bass and a trimmed down drum kit.  We busted out acoustic versions of Diamond Plate, Don’t Do Me That Way, Checkmate, Cupid’s Greatest Thief, Completely and Hold on Tight.  The fans really seemed to dig it.  The acoustic set is much more intimate and really lets the crowd get inside the music, the band dynamics and the vocals.  We met a bunch of fans during the break and a ton of them picked up some CDs new and old.  It is always great to see fans from previous shows return to hear us.  I love catching up with them and hearing what their favorite tunes are,  which summer festivals they are hitting or what they’ve been listening to lately.

Derek and I joked that the venue felt like entering a boxing ring.  I told him he should make his way to the stage with a towel on his head like Iron Mike.  He didn’t pull any boxing moves but damn did he and the band sound amazing.  The new group features him and his wife Susan Tedeschi  along with an allstar group including 2 drummers, 2 vocalists, and the Burbridge brothers.  They dropped Taj Mahals’ Corrina, Joe Cocker’s Space Cowboy and a ton of new material.  The music had a deep and heavy pocket all night along with beautiful vocals, great dynamics and amazing guitar work.  Derek was modest and said the band was really new and they weren’t really all the way there yet but damn….these guys are on fire.  Check them out this summer/fall on select dates. 

Thanks to all the fans that made it out from Boston, Nantucket, the Cape and beyond.  It was a blast playing with Derek and Susan at such a cool venue and we hope everyone had as great a kick off to the Fourth of July as we did. 

 Thanks for listening. 

Talk soon, Jamie

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Deep in the heart of Texas

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

They say that everything is bigger in Texas.  I guess I’ve got to give them that.  You should have seen the 3 lbs cinnamon roll they served us at Lu Lu’s in San Antonio.  Or the size of the burgers they served us up at Sam’s Burger Joint.  Or the size of the Austin Tini’s we drank in Austin.  No matter how you slice it…..we ate (and drank) well in Texas.  And we played some great shows. 

We teamed up with England’s blues phenom guitarist Matt Schofield for the Texas tour.  He and his band can totally shred up some blues.  He reminded me a bit of Robben Ford with some SRV and Freddie King thrown in for good measure.  We accidentally bumped into Matt and the band on the night before the tour kicked off.  We were all in Austin on a night off and we all separately gravitated towards Antones.  Antones is a kick ass, old school blues club on 6th street that was made famous by Stevie Ray Vaughan.  I’ve played there a bunch with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and it was fun to be back.  The woman at the door recognized me and we slid right in.  Chris Layton from SRV’s band was hosting a blues night and we kicked it with them, Matt and his band and Pinetop Perkins who was just chilling there by the men’s room selling some of his CDs. A legendary bluesman slinging CDs on an off night at someone else’s gig. Only in Austin!  During the day we walked around town in the summer heat.  Waterloo Records, which has got to be the coolest record store in the country behind Louisiana Music Factory was having an in store performance that we watched as they poured free beers off a keg. Keep Austin Weird!  We rocked the Saxon Pub that night which Bob Schneider plays every Monday.  It’s a cool little room and you know you’re in a good spot when Willie Nelson plays there. Sam’s Burger Bar in San Antonio was a beautiful room.  It is clean and pretty new and has great sound.  The show was presented by the San Antonio Blues Society and the people there were great.  We will definitely be back.  Dallas found us at the Levitt Pavilion which is a HUGE free outdoor concert series that is run there in the summer.  Despite the heat and Three Dog Night being the featured band the next night we had a GREAT crowd that we kept rocking late into the night. Great night! I invited Matt and his band to sit in with us on Otis Redding’s “Mr. Pitiful” for the encore.  It was fitting because we played Madison WI earlier in the tour which is where Otis Redding’s plane went down.  The last night of the Texas tour found us in Houston.  We played on the local radio station for “The Blues Hound” who is a great DJ.  3 acoustic songs.  Then it was off to the club.  We weren’t sure that we were in the right neighborhood when we pulled up.  It was very residential and it didn’t seem like the kind of place for a rock and roll bar.  Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar has got to be one of the coolest clubs we’ve played.  It reminds me of the kind of place one of my buddies would open if he wanted music at his tiki bar on the beach.  Big outdoor area and inside is a really vibey room covered in old guitars and psychedelic solar system wallpaper.  It was an “afternoon” show that kicked off around 6pm.  People were pumped up to rock out while the sun was still out on a Sunday and we loved every minute of it. 

 Thank you Texas.  We will be back.  I might not order the 3 lbs cinnamon roll again but I’ll definitely fire up some of Torchy’s Tacos and some Lone Star beers with you again soon. 

Next stop: Cape Cod with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Band!

Thanks for listening. 

 Talk soon, Jamie

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From The Road

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Welcome to the Blog Section.  The band and I will be updating this with news, stories, ramblings from the road, from the studio, from home, from the stage.  We hope its insightful, funny, interesting, musical and witty.  Maybe it is…..maybe it isn’t.   Either way…’s fun and we hope you enjoy it.  Here’s the first of many!  Enjoy the ride.  Jamie

As I write this I’m listening to Albert King and cruising down the highway somewhere in Texas.  We have the day off today and it’s been a good one so far.  I’ve been trying to be good about hitting the gym at the hotels on the road to keep in shape so I ran a few miles this AM, then took a dip in the pool and then it was time for lunch.  I’ve been wanting to grab some Kansas City BBQ for a while and today was the day.  We hit Bryants.  Its been around for 50 something years and needless to say… was outstanding.  The guys that work there are no bullshit.  You better know what you want to eat when you walk in the place or you’ll hear it from them.  But…..the ribs, the sweet tea, the BBQ sauce and the baked beans were all totally legit.  Good stuff and we will be back there for more food for sure. We played Kansas City last night with Trombone Shorty at a great outdoor venue called Crossroads.  It’s a big outdoor summer time venue and it reminds me of Stubbs in Austin a bit.  Big stage, big sound, great food and the fans dance it up on wood chips. Its like the coolest possible summer barbecue with the best bands in town. We were in Kansas City last month with Gregg Allman and it was great to be back again so soon.  Before the set we caught up with some friends and fans who saw us at the Kansas City Greg Allman show and it was great to trade memories. Trombone Shorty sounds great.  He has always played his ass off but he was singing a ton last night and he sounds great.  The new tune that he wrote with Lenny Kravitz was a highlight.  As for JMB…….we played mostly stuff off of our new album along with Garden of Thieves from American Heartache to close the set.  Peace and Glory was particularly raging last night.  That is gonna become more regular in the sets this summer.   

   Our next stop is Austin which always a good time.  The last time we were here was on tour with JJ Grey and Mofro.  Austin is hands down the coolest town in Texas.  Sooooo much music and a great vibe.  I’m looking forward to walking around on 6th street, hanging out at the Stevie Ray Vaughn memorial and looking for a vintage guitar or amp.  It is supposed to be 97 degrees but that’s part of the vibe right? 

Thanks for listening.

Talk soon,  Jamie

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JMB and Drive-By Truckers

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Drive-By Truckers and JMB FREE!!

We are excited to announce that Jamie McLean Band will be joining Drive By Truckers at the Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown NY this Friday June 4. This is a beautiful venue and we can’t wait to crank up the amps with the amazing Drive-By Truckers. This is not quite a New York City show but it is close enough and easily accessible by train or car. Since we don’t have a NYC show scheduled for some time we’d like to extend a thank you to some local fans. We are offering 3 FREE pairs of tix to the show to our fans on the mailing list. If you’d like to see JMB and Drive By Truckers for FREE, post the title of your favorite JMB song and why you love it on the facebook fan page. The FIRST THREE FANS to reply will get to see the show for free with a guest. It’s THAT simple. Click here to go to the fan page.

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Big Sam

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

We caught up with Big Sam of Big Sams Funky Nation after their show at Sullivan Hall in New York City last October. After Jamie sat in with his band, Big Sam told us about how their relationship started and what he thinks about the Jamie McLean Band.

JMB and Big Sams Funky Nation rocked out in Philly April 14th. Click Here to hear and download Big Sam’s sit-in with Jamie McLean Band on a rockin’ Woman Stay.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Jamie McLean took to the streets dressed as cupid to spread a little love with the new song Cupids Greatest Thief. Now, Jamie McLean Band is giving a free copy of the song to make everyone’s day a little brighter.

Cupids Greatest Thief is off the album Completely, available April 13th, 2010


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From The Bottom Up – Stewart Lerman

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Our first installment of From The Bottom Up, The Jamie McLean Band Documentary. We spoke with Stewart Lerman about how he met Jamie and his experience recording the last album “Completely” (release:04/10). This interview was recorded at The Shinebox Studio in Hoboken NJ in November 2009. Check soon for more videos!

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Documentary Intro

Monday, December 14th, 2009

I’m excited to announce a new project called “Completely – The Jamie McLean Documentary”. Cameras have been following us around for the last few months to capture the journey we are on so you can be right there with us. From the stage, to the studio, to backstage and more, “Completely – The Jamie McLean Documentary” will be available weekly on to show clips of what has been happening (and even some funny/embarrassing outtakes!). Take a look at the video for things to come in January. Hope you’re all well.