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Peace and Glory Music Video

Monday, July 12th, 2010


 Well….we did it.  We made our first music video.  It was a long time coming.  There was a ton of planning both creatively and logistically to put it together but we made it happen and I’m really glad we did it.  We put in some long days but it was an amazing amount of fun.  I was a little skeptical going into the whole thing.  I’m not an actor.  I’m a guitarist and singer/songwriter.  But after I expressed that concern to our director he calmed me down.  “We know you’re not an actor. My job is to direct you. Just act natural.”  And off we went….

 The video is for the song “Peace and Glory”.  Track 3 off of the new album.  It’s a barn burner of a tune and it just screamed music video with the lyrical themes of carpe diem and the rock and roll guitar licks and all the fireworks from the band.  We filmed the video outside of New York City over Fourth of July weekend. Josh Eisenberg from Fridge Films directed the shoot along with a large crew.  Grips, gaffers, camera men, sound, lights, PAs, DAs……..you know………the usual Hollywood stuff.  I’ll write about the video in more detail soon but here’s a brief overview. The video takes place in an office.  Brian, Ben and myself are disgruntled workers who just can’t take it anymore.  “Step right up…..now’s your time…..take your chances……”  Also in the video is the boss who cracks the whip and a young secretary who has had enough of the office and wants to join the boys in the band for some fun.  Needless to say, chaos ensues.  The office gets trashed.  The boss gets put in the corner.  A romance develops. JMB turns the place upside down with a raging performance scene.  Guitars, fax machines, water coolers get destroyed and rock and roll seizes the day. There is definitely a nod to the movie “Office Space” here but as our director Josh says, “imagine Office Space meets Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher”.  Good Call. 

 It was definitely a lot of fun for us to make the video.  It reminded me a bit of the recording process of being in a studio all day.  There is a producer/director.  You work on some parts and then review them before moving onto the next piece.  It was really fun to work on something related to the music that is so creative and fun yet so completely different than the music itself.  We are looking forward to doing a follow up video and we are open to suggestions on themes or which songs you’d like to see a video for. 

 The video is currently being edited in post production and we hope to have its debut screening at our show at Blue Note in New York City on Friday July 30.  More details and some sneak peaks will be coming very soon so stay tuned. 

 Thanks for listening.

 Talk soon, Jamie


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