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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Welcome to the Blog Section.  The band and I will be updating this with news, stories, ramblings from the road, from the studio, from home, from the stage.  We hope its insightful, funny, interesting, musical and witty.  Maybe it is…..maybe it isn’t.   Either way…..it’s fun and we hope you enjoy it.  Here’s the first of many!  Enjoy the ride.  Jamie

As I write this I’m listening to Albert King and cruising down the highway somewhere in Texas.  We have the day off today and it’s been a good one so far.  I’ve been trying to be good about hitting the gym at the hotels on the road to keep in shape so I ran a few miles this AM, then took a dip in the pool and then it was time for lunch.  I’ve been wanting to grab some Kansas City BBQ for a while and today was the day.  We hit Bryants.  Its been around for 50 something years and needless to say…..it was outstanding.  The guys that work there are no bullshit.  You better know what you want to eat when you walk in the place or you’ll hear it from them.  But…..the ribs, the sweet tea, the BBQ sauce and the baked beans were all totally legit.  Good stuff and we will be back there for more food for sure. We played Kansas City last night with Trombone Shorty at a great outdoor venue called Crossroads.  It’s a big outdoor summer time venue and it reminds me of Stubbs in Austin a bit.  Big stage, big sound, great food and the fans dance it up on wood chips. Its like the coolest possible summer barbecue with the best bands in town. We were in Kansas City last month with Gregg Allman and it was great to be back again so soon.  Before the set we caught up with some friends and fans who saw us at the Kansas City Greg Allman show and it was great to trade memories. Trombone Shorty sounds great.  He has always played his ass off but he was singing a ton last night and he sounds great.  The new tune that he wrote with Lenny Kravitz was a highlight.  As for JMB…….we played mostly stuff off of our new album along with Garden of Thieves from American Heartache to close the set.  Peace and Glory was particularly raging last night.  That is gonna become more regular in the sets this summer.   

   Our next stop is Austin which always a good time.  The last time we were here was on tour with JJ Grey and Mofro.  Austin is hands down the coolest town in Texas.  Sooooo much music and a great vibe.  I’m looking forward to walking around on 6th street, hanging out at the Stevie Ray Vaughn memorial and looking for a vintage guitar or amp.  It is supposed to be 97 degrees but that’s part of the vibe right? 

Thanks for listening.

Talk soon,  Jamie


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