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Blues Traveler Review

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Jamie McLean joined Blues Traveler at a sold out Paradise Rock Club in Boston last week. The band opened up the night with a full set of new and old material including “Can You Hear Me Now”, “Garden of Thieves”, “Completely” “Holy Water” and “Cupid’s Greatest Thief”. It seems the boys in Blues Traveler became quick fans of JMB. John Popper and Blues Traveler invited Jamie to join them on stage for a raging version of their classic tune “Mullin’ It Over” featuring a blazing guitar solo from Jamie as well as some firework trading of notes between Jamie and John Popper. Fans and critics alike enjoyed the sets. Enjoy the pictures below as well as a review of the concert from Enterprise News.


JM and Popper Backstage

John Popper-JM


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