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Help Write Jamie's Special Halloween Set!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Jamie and the boys are busting out their finest costumes for Halloween this year.  In addition to looking extra sharp they are also gonna sound extra sharp.  The band will be playing 2 full sets of original music from This Time Around, American Heartache, their forthcoming new album and beyond.  They will also be covering another band’s album in its entirety.  We are hoping the fans can chime in on what they’d love to hear JM cover for Halloween this year.  Michael Jackson “Off the Wall”?  Led Zeppelin IV?   We want to hear from you.  Please leave your suggestions for the Halloween set below in the comments section.  The show will be recorded and be made available in November.  If we choose your album you’ll receive a FREE copy of the set plus tons of unannounced Halloween treats!  Thanks!


7 Responses to “Help Write Jamie's Special Halloween Set!”

  1. Bryan, Becky Tinsley says:

    Castles Made of Sand – Jimi Hendrix

  2. Bryan, Becky Tinsley says:

    1) Up Down
    2) Checkmate
    3) American Heartache
    4) Summer Rain
    5) Hold on Tight
    6) Nobody like my baby
    7) Natalie
    8) Completely
    9) Dandelion??
    10) Brother
    11) Cupids Greatest Thief
    12) Bottle on the Table
    13) Midnight Rider
    14) Can You Hear Me Now
    15) Castles Made of Sand/ Little Wing/ Voodoo Child (Your pick)

  3. Suzanne Duncan says:

    would love to hear your:
    1) Cold Wind
    2) Heads are Going to Roll

    anything by Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd


    thanks! –suzanne

  4. Tucker says:

    cover Phish covering Quadrophenia from 10/31/95

  5. Andrea Williams (&Q) says:

    U2’s Rattle & Hum

  6. Kellie says:

    You know what I’m gonna say… The Black Crowes, Shake Your Moneymaker… of course, you’re doing ATL on Oct. 30 so we’ll miss the Oct. 31 show.

    A Rolling Stone album would be cool too, or, better yet, a “greatest hits” version of YOUR favorite band!!!

    I say, if you do something that you and the band love, the audience will love it even more! But please do lots of your stuff in there also!!!

  7. Misty says:

    Any MoFro, of course! Otis?

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