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FREE Download Of Unreleased American Heartache!

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

We’d like to thank all of the fans for making 2008 our biggest year yet! The response to the new album American Heartache has been fantastic and the response to the live shows has been better than ever! As a thank you we are releasing an alternate version of American Heartache.

Download it for FREE, share it with friends, put it on your iPods. We will be releasing more free tracks over the next few months including more live recordings. Here are some notes regarding the track from Jamie…

“This version of American Heartache happened sort of by accident. We were tracking the album at Allaire Studios which sat on top of a mountain in Upstate New York and the vibe there was unbelievable. Creativity and inspiration seemed to ooze out of the walls and it certainly inspired this track. We had already recorded the “official” version of American Heartache which is more up tempo and has a Tom Petty or Ryan Adams Americana feel to it. I remember we were all getting ready for dinner and things were loosening up. The lights were low, the red wine had been poured. Jon started playing the piano part almost as a ballad and I started singing along. It felt right. The next thing we knew Carter came in on the chorus with that beat and suddenly we had this great “other” thing happening on the tune. When we finished we all sort of looked at each other and knew we had something special. Little did we know Stewart Lerman who was producing the record had rolled tape and the whole thing was recorded! Thanks Stewart! It is certainly different that the original recording but I love it and I can still feel the vibe that we had the night we tracked it. Enjoy it!”



2 Responses to “FREE Download Of Unreleased American Heartache!”

  1. Karen T says:

    I’m loving this version, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Glenda says:

    Jamie,,,,enjoy the gift of rolling tape….I’ve heard the original,,,this is a magical, musical moment…I love it!
    May your gigs be filled inspiration, great energies, and all performances filled with heart. Safe traveling. Hope to hear you soon on the shores of Delaware.

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