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The Press Reviews American Heartache!

Friday, November 14th, 2008

The critics are weighing in on American Heartache and the response has been overwhelming.  We are glad that press and fans alike are loving the new album.  Here are a few recent reviews of the albums.  If you haven’t picked up your copy yet head over to the music store and order one today!

“Bill Whiting for An Honest Tune”

Jamie McLean follows up his successful solo debut, This Time Around, with the career-cresting masterwork American Heartache. Full of forceful rock and roll, McLean steps up to the plate, and knocks one out with the help of special guests’ Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Luther Dickinson and Shannon McNally.

Starting with the pounding rhythms of “Can You Hear Me Now,” McLean moves into position with a strong vocal attack and virtuoso guitar lines to match soloist Dickinson’s arpeggios. “Cherry Tree” is radio-ready fare, an escalating bravura performance capped by Jon Solo’s expressive Hammond B-3 work and supportive sousaphone courtesy of Kirk Joseph.

There are many choice tracks on American Heartache, from the pulsating street stories of “Up Down” to the album’s anthem, a McLean/Solo composition titled “Don’t Do Me That Way” to the engaging duet with McNally on “Bottle of Love.” McLean’s backing ensemble offers up some of the recording’s most inspired passages, led by Solo, Carter McLean on drums, and Derek Layes on bass.

Produced by Stewart Lerman and recorded at Allaire Studios in Woodstock, NY and Piety Street Studios in New Orleans, American Heartache builds upon the foundation of This Time Around and unleashes state of the art pop-rock from one the form’s finest artists.

American Heartache is out now.

“Baby Sue for LMNOP”

Jamie McLeanAmerican Heartache (Independently released CD, Pop/rock)
Newcomer Jamie McLean has connections to a lot of well-known artists…but we won’t hold that against him at this point in time. McLean plays a sort of bluesy guitar-oriented pop/rock that should be instantly appealing to the majority of listeners in the United States. Instead of creating loud abrasive noise, Jamie plays simple hummable hard pop music that sounds instantly familiar. He’s got a cool gravely voice and his guitar playing is appropriately slick and determined. McLean’s tunes have the sound and energy of a great bar band…but the sound is much bigger and slicker. Our guess is that girls and guys across the country will immediately embrace this music. Cool hummable cuts include “Can You Hear Me Now,” “Up Down,” “Simple Minded,” and “Cold Wind.” (Rating: 4++++)


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